Work-Based Learning

The Health Sciences Charter School Career Exploration/Internship Program is inclusive ss learning technical, academic and employability skills by working in a real work environment. The CEIP/WBL brings the classroom to the workplace and the workplace to the classroom. This instructional strategy provides students with a well-rounded skill set that goes beyond academics and includes the soft skills needed to succeed in college and the working world. When coordinated with school-based learning, WBL offers project and problem-focused teaching and learning rather than the more abstract and theoretical teaching and learning that often takes place in classrooms. These strategies include mentorship and relationship building with our partners in the community ultimately creating longevity for our CEIP/WBL program while enhancing student lives in the Buffalo community at large.

  • 9th & 10th grade - Each year, HSCS students will be given a questionnaire to get information on their interests and future career plans. They will begin learning about the 5 Health Science Pathways, be exposed to guest speakers from various careers, begin exploration of their interests, and career experiences.
  • 11th grade - Face to face, one-on-one meeting with Career Coordinator, Mrs. Guerrero to talk about experiences and interests. Begin to look at different partner sites or develop new partnerships based on student needs. Explore the pathways, job shadowing, exploration of paid and unpaid internships
  • 12th grade - spend part of day out in the field, internships, journaling experiences, building a resume, making connections, networking with employers, mentorships, building relationship with partners who become more invested in the individual student
  • After high school - keeping in touch with HSCS and the partner sites for future employment opportunities

Caressa Guerrero
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
(716) 888-4080 x213